Monday, May 30, 2005

Fascism, Conservative Agenda, Ultra Right Wing Idiots

14 traits of a fascist regime are outlined in
this flash video. It's very good, have a look.

Soapbox Time

Over the past week I've been thinking about a lot of things about where our nation is headed. It seems like Bush feels as if he has been appointed by his god to lead a new crusade to convert all of America. How soon until we can expect our first inquisition?

I don't know if similar things are happening anywhere else, but I see it on a local level here as well. We have a new governor that seems to be on the bandwagon of the Far Right. There are things which I will not post about in order to keep some innocent people out of harm's way, but in my state there are now some programs being implemented that will be using STATE MONEY to promote Christianity, a clear and shameless violation of the First Ammendment.

And they aren't just starting it with the adults. Too often blind eye is turned when it comes to promoting Christianity in the schools. I recently attended a highschool graduation. The speeches from the students were willed with Jesus this, and God that. I know that teenagers are known to not be the best at logic and reason, but this is overboard. These kids are coming out of PUBLIC school ready to live their lives for Jesus. This is a can of worms of it's own though. If one of the teachers started using phrases such as "well praise Vishnu!" or "Thank Astarte!" I'll bet the blind eye would see quickly enough to stop it.

Anyway, to end my rant, I want to state where I think this nation is headed. Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia etc. No, not to those countries (hell, we're already there) but to the same principles. Government that is controlled by religion (or vice-versa). When this nation is officially declared a Christian Nation, then it will be no different than any of those other religious extremist countries, and you will see (more of) the same behavior from the leaders.

Please look through the links I peppered that rant with. They will add an interesting angle to my thoughts. Then after you are done, scroll on down to my previous entry and look at some nice looking naked women.