Sunday, April 22, 2007

People That Need to be Sterilized

This article got me started on a bit of a rant, and you, yes, you get read it (or scroll past, whatever).

Is there anything more precious than a child? I mean really, anything? I spend an incredible amount of time with children. I know they can be trying sometimes, but good grief, there should be nothing more sacred in the world than a child. They are innocent, trusting, loving, caring, and mostly, they are totally dependent on adults. I hear and read worse things than this little article pretty often. I have trouble sleeping after reading this sort of thing, I lay awake thinking that somewhere is a child being abused, mistreated, exploited or simply unappreciated. I propose that when they find these people guilty of such a hideous act, the punishment for them should be immediate non-anesthetized sterilization. There should be absolutely no way that they can ever reproduce again.