Monday, March 28, 2005

Enormous Omelet Sandwich with more calories and fat than a Whopper...KICKASS!!!!

I haven't eaten at any Burger King since October 2004. That is when a local franchise fucked my wife over for the final time. I'll tell that story if just one person requests it on my blog. Anyway, check out this sandwich!

Holy shit that looks awesome! I have always said that BK had the most pathetic breakfast in the business. Perhaps they were listening, this may be their very first step towards having a real option for breakfast. This sandwich has sausage, eggs, bacon and cheese!

Here's a quote from that article: "Americans do not need an Enormous Omelet Sandwich," said Penny Kris-Etherton, a professor of nutrition at Penn State, who noted the sandwich's contents were high in fat and salt and the meal lacked fruit and fiber. "That's too many calories."

Hey Penny, who in the hell are you to tell me what I, as an American, need? Are you the self appointed fat police? I got news for you. That sandwich is not going to make Americans more fat. Take me for example. I am already a fat bastard, I doubt this sandwich is going to make any difference at all, therefore, I think I am going to eat one soon. (But I'll probably ask my wife if it's okay)

Enormous Omelet Sandwich