Friday, March 18, 2005

Who wants to help me get an iPod?

Not just any iPod, a Photo iPod. You have probably seen the referral programs on the web. Get a free ** when you complete one offer, and get 10 other people to do the same thing. Well, I've done some nosing around, it seems that some of these are quite legitimate. Lots of people get frustrated with them because they nver seem to get anywhere. Well, I thought I'd try it, I figure I'd just beg for a bit of help from anyone, I may print up some little cards, hell, I may add the link to my ham radio QSL cards. It isn't costing me anything to try it, but it is a little bit of a pain in the ass. So, if you want to help me get one, oh and start on your path to getting one as well, click this link below and it'll be one step closer for still have to complete an offer to get me a useful referral.

Help Calis get a free Photo iPod