Friday, October 21, 2005

CLUTCH - Robot Hive/Exodus

I've been hearing a song on the radio lately that has gotten me truly intrigued. I caught a couple of the words and searched for the lyrics. I found them here. The song in question is titled 10001110101, and what intrigues me about it is this: How the fuck is it that these guys get a record contract? I am better than that on my acoustic guitar...and I SUCK! From what I can tell, the chorus is something like this: 121212212. Damn, that is brilliant, and then to name the song a different number is even more amazing. Now to be fair, I have not listened to any more tracks on this album, it is possible that there could be a good song on there...but I certainly doubt it. After listening to this gem of a single, I can guarantee I will not be purchasing any Clutch.

UPDATE: Okay, I listened to it again, and I have to admit that I was incorrect about the chorus. They do not use a two, it is in fact a one syllable zero. But even then I don't think the chorus matches the title. I'm still not buying it.