Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I think I may scream

Recently, I got a new partner at work. She happens to be a lesbian, BFD! It seems that a couple of women I work with have decided they don't like her, can't stand her, don't want to be around her. I personally think it all revolves around the fact that this girl had money growing up, and these others resent that, perhaps they don't like that she's gay, I dunno for sure. They say she's immature, and they say this while they are trying to rally support for the "I don't like her" club. It reminds me of kids in the 3rd grade, ironic, no? Fine, if they want to be shallow bitches, I'm sure everyone else will see it, including the boss. My partner has heard the rumblings, she's aware that the stupid bitches are out to get her. The latest leverage they are using is over a misunderstanding, that they had nothing to do with, in fact, have no business being involved in. This gal did nothing wrong, illegal, or against any of our policy. She did cause a potential problem for a few people outside of work, one of them works there part-time, but the issue was completely non-work related. As her supervisor, and one person potentially effected by the blunder, I spoke with her and let her know what problems may arise out of the situation. In the process of us having that conversation, she learned some things that she didn't know...things that surprised her and that had she known about, the situation would have never occurred. Well, anyway, there it is, I've dealt with it. Well, one of the stupid bitches decided to stick their nose in, they've gone to the boss to tell them how she has already fucked up. It just pisses me off.

To shift gears a little bit, I've been shopping with the Mrs. a few times in the last week. I am completely baffled by women's clothing, everything about it. I was amazed to find out that in the women's clothing world there is a difference in size between XL and 1XL. They are slipping in an extra size there while dropping an X. In mens clothing you hav L, XL, XXL, XXXL. In womens clothing this is not so. You have L, XL, 1XL, 2XL. Seems like a nice idea to keep larger womens' spirits up...but they're just gonna be crushed when they normall wear a 2X but need to buy a XXXL if they want to buy something to wear from the mens department. Of course, this sizing varies from label to label as well, which is even more confusing. They're gonna need therapy sooner or later over over this shit, hell, I think I need it now.

I saw a fashion while we were out that really has me screwed up in the head. I've seen the half shirts before for when it's nice and warm outside and the ladies can show off their sexy belly buttons. Well, explain this shit to me please: The half sweater. WTF? Is this like saying, "Damn it's hot out here, but my boobs are cold" ? And then there are capris...oh fuck it, I'll never understand this shit.