Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Proof that there are too many laws

White Cloud, MI police put man in jail because he doesn't have grass growing in his yard. This guy is spending weekends in jail because he isn't good at growing grass. He has been working on it Dick and Jane style by tossing in squares that have been donated. The police chief seems to be unclear if that is that will qualify since he didn't buy it from a normal sod farm. Even if it does, his backyard has to be done in two more weeks or he gets to go back to jail.

To me this isn't about grass, or making your yard look nice. It's about laws that are frivolous. We have too many of them. I still think we need to abolish all laws and start over with the simple question: Is anyone being hurt by the actions taking place? Simple enough. Not talking about someone who is offended because a lady allowed her ankles to be seen, or someone who doesn't like your lawn ornaments. Just physical or direct financial harm.