Thursday, October 25, 2007

Miami Reporter Arrested

Jeff Weinsier, a television reporter in Miami, was arrested for being on a sidewalk near a school. The police officers asked him to kindly move across the street, claiming that was a lawful order. He disagreed, but went across the street, call the police PIO and was told that it was a public place and he could be there. Of course they cops didn't care and arrested him for disobeying an unlawful order. Police officers need to get educated on what they are allowed to do and say instead of thinking the badge gives them absolute authority. So far the badge doesn't...of course that will change as soon as King George has is way I suppose.

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I've not really jumped onto the cop-bashing bandwagon like a lot of people have. I have several friends who happen to be police officers. As a disclaimer, these guys are only my friends because they are good cops. I have worked closely with cops who have the "do what I tell you 'cause I'm a cop" attitude, and therefore I have never cultivated a friendship with them.

I have heard a second-hand report from a friend that got hired as a cop, wanting to help people. He went to the academy where they taught him to exert his authority at every opportunity and show those citizens who is in charge. He quit...good guy.