Saturday, August 27, 2005

A Car That Drives Itself

Looks like GM is going to be the first to make a self-driving car.

You can read the article about it and maybe Google it a little bit to read more. I'd rather muse about the great possibilities with this car.

You could go out drinking all night and still get your car home. You could read a book on your way to work everyday. You could talk on your cell phone (because nobody does that while driving right?). Ever have sex in the back seat of a car? While it was going down the road? With nobody in the front? Or perhaps roadhead? This would be excellent for a minivan and a road trip. Eat, drink, read, screw, sleep, whatever. I didn't really think I'd see it in my lifetime, I may never have one, but it's cool to think I might. Perhaps when I'm 85 and not capable of driving anymore, my car can do it for me....While I masturbate to in-dash internet porn.