Friday, October 17, 2008

McCain's Associates

Barack Obama has been blasted about who he has associated with in the past.  When we talk about McCain of course Keating comes to mind.  But what about G. Gordon Liddy?  Yes, Gordon Liddy.  David Letterman recently had the balls to bring it up, probably since McCain blew him off a few weeks ago and lied to him. Have a look:

It seems that not only has he MET him and attended a fund raiser and taken money from him, he is in fact, PROUD of him.  Proof:

On one side, we seem to have a guy that has associated and taken money from a domestic terrorist and had a white-hating preacher man.  On the other side we have a guy that has associated and taken money from a domestic terrorist and had his fingers in the Savings and Loan Crisis.  Great choices all the way around.

Mood rings aren't so special

I thought I would just lighten things up a bit for at least one post. To honor the conditions of using this comic, here's a link to We The Robots. Thanks to the artist for sharing his work.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Perhaps I am not the only one that believes what I believe about our current government situation. The Huffington Post has an article today that talks about the things that have happened. Maybe it's all just one amazing string of coincidence. I am not so optimistic.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Inerrant Word of God

It seems that the oldest version of the Christians' bible is about to be digitized and made available. It has survived from about the 4th century, so it's still going to show about 200 years worth of changes from the original writings. It paints a little bit less gay version of Jesus, and more hatred towards the Jews for killing him. It should hopefully succeed in allowing more people to realize that this is all fiction after all.

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