Friday, August 31, 2007

Colorado Springs...What's Wrong with those People?

The town that brought you New Life SuperChurch, Colorado Springs, now has a school that has banned the game of tag.

The touch-and-run game and any other form of chasing was banned this year at Discovery Canyon Campus’ elementary school by administrators who say it fuels schoolyard disputes.

Are we next to mark out a small 10 foot square area where the children can play alone? Maybe fence it in...walls? I think schoolyard disputes are necessary for our children to grow into productive adults. It's the way they are going to learn how to handle disputes. Do we really want our next generation to learn about settling differences when they are big and strong enough to do real damage?

Bin Laden Christ

Seems that Christians and Muslims are all in a tizzy about this painting that shows Bin Laden in a Jesus-like pose. Personally, I think it's great. First of all, if Jesus had existed, he would've looked more like this than the typical pictures we see in which he seems very anglo. Second, it speaks volumes to me about how neither religion is any better than the other on any level. Third, I get a big kick when zealots of any type get pissed off about something as minor as a picture.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another Good Christian

WWJD? Why, he'd have sex with his daughters to show them how to please their future husbands. At least that's what this asshat in Australia did. Apparently these girls weren't very good learners as they did it for about 10 years, or he might be a really lousy teacher. He should spend the next four years praying for Jesus to make him a better teacher.

Time for Ladies to Pee Standing Up

Using the P-Mate any lady can now pee standing up. There are also other devices out there, but if I'm not mistaken, this is the first one that is disposable. But even without the aid of special devices, All About My Vagina has a tutorial on how ladies can pee standing up. I'm for this, but that could be because I'm warped. I was going to post a porn link for those inclined, but I figured you know how to use Google.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wilderness Survival

If you should ever need to survive in the wilderness, Wilderness Survival can help. Not to say that we are headed towards a time where we'll need this info or anything. This is just good info in case your plane crashes or you are otherwise stranded apart from civilization. From getting water to medical emergencies, this page has you covered. Personally, I think everyone should have at least a modest survival kit of some sort.

Got Some Extra Money? can help you in spending it. Not really spending it, but loaning it. It's micro-lending at it's cheapest, free actually.

neither Kiva, its Partner(s) nor the Borrower(s) will be obligated or pay you any interest or other fees or amounts to you in connection with any loan(s) you make. At this time, Kiva does not collect any interest on any loans posted on the Website.
But you probably will get that warm gushy feeling from the knowledge that you helped someone finance their dream.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Never Forgotten

1940 - 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blog on Hiatus

The blog is on hiatus for about a week. Sorry to all of my loyal readers....both of you.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Crime Family

Not talking about the Sopranos, but the Bush crime family tree. From Nazis to Oil to Savings and Loan, the Bush family has a really interesting history.

Time for Some Bible Study

I just found a site that has to be the greatest bible site that I have ever seen. I've seen lots of interesting sites that dispel a lot of Christian bullshit, but this one is showing you just what a good book the bible really is.

Clergy to Assist with Martial Law

It seems as if the federal government is preparing for the unrest that will occur when they declare martial law. (My prediction is late 2008) They are training the clergy to pacify citizens by using Romans 13:

Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.

Martial Law is pretty much as low as low can go for our government, so that will never happen....right? I'm sure they are just training their spies ministers to placate the people just to be prepared for the worst.

Video Here

A Good Idea from Russia

Russians are getting ready for their third annual day off to have sex. Well, to procreate in particular. I wonder if they check who is actually trying to procreate and who is just having recreational sex. Either way, it's got to be a good thing. What a morale boost this would be. On June 12th they will have a festival to celebrate the fruits of their labors complete with the opportunity to win money, cars, or even refrigerators!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Catching Predators

A commentary by Jamon Silva pretty much puts words to what I have always thought about the TV show, To Catch a Predator. It is clearly entrapment. I mean sure, the guys were stupid enough to go meet with these girls. But they didn't set out to find them, they have been lured in, they probably feel as if the girls were seeking them out....oh wait...THEY WERE. I'm sure that this is an unpopular stance, but I agree with him on this.

Dick Cheney Comments on Iraq Invasion - 1994

Some things just don't need a commentary.

Love Demonstrated

WWJD? He would drag a lazy 15 year old bitch behind a van, that's what! This girl was totally incompetent in her demonstration for her love of Jesus. She couldn't even keep up with the rest of the runners on a short morning jog. Therefore, the Love Demonstrated camp director was inspired by god to hog-tie her and drag her along. I'll bet this unfaithful little bitch never forgets the Lord again, faith the size of a mustard seed even would've kept her on her feet. This camp is a pleasant 32 day vacation filled with studying, prayer and games. For more information, call (210) 433-2740 or (210) 431-3CBC.

Note: For those not discerning enough to tell, this article was written facetiously in order to mimic the name of the camp.

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Past, Present, and Future

I recently watched Zeitgeist, a movie that discusses the ways that mankind has been manipulated throughout the ages by religion and politics, for money. This movie makes a compelling argument that you have been a pawn in a large game controlled by the system that has been in place for eons. If what this film says is true, and I tend to believe it, then changes in our little corner of the world may not be enough. We may need the whole world to unite as one to fight it off, which creates an interesting irony of it's own.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ball Removal

Russell Angus of St. Paul Minnesota paid some people to cut off his balls. Claiming chronic pain, he was unable to get an doctors to castrate him. So he did what anyone would do, he hired someone else. But I want to know, where do you find someone to do this? Is there a secret section in the phone book for private castrations?

Aztec HMFIC Tomb Found has a piece about an Aztec crypt being found. I would've thought there would be many of these known since we have found all sorts of tombs from other civilizations. But it seems that the Spaniards built their colonies right on top of all the cool stuff. Since those buildings have historical significance themselves, we can't just go digging through them. An earthquake tore one up bad enough that it had to be demolished, underneath it they found a door. You can read the rest in the article and have fun trying to pronounce the names: Ahuizotl, Cuauhtemoc, and Tlaltecuhtli.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Is a Civil War Inevitable?

I'm not talking about in Iraq either. has an article that discusses the possibility that a revolution is just around the corner. Not exactly a new idea lately but I feel like it deserves a mention. Maybe we can finally get some usefulness out of those civil war reenacters.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Okay, some of you are gonna really be pissed about this comment, but I believe it to be the truth. This article should really be titled: 12-Year-Old Boy Gets Laid. I know, he was 12, he was a minor. Go ask any 12 year old boy if he wants to have sex. With the exception of a VERY FEW, if they are honest, they will say yes. Even the religious ones, even the stupid ones, even the mentally handicapped ones. At 12 years old, every boy in the world knows what his penis is for and he's ready to try it out.

Wal-Mart Wages

Wal-Mart in Mexico is trying something interesting: Let's don't pay our workers! They allow "Volunteer" baggers in their store to make tips for bagging and carrying. If a teen in the US came into ANY Wal-Mart to ask if they could bag for tips, they would be sent packing. Granted, the wages they pay are pretty lousy anyway (voice of experience), but this is complete cultural exploitation.

Verizon's Bad Math

It seems that George Vaccaro knows how to do math, and that Verizon obviously doesn't. You can listen to an ausio recording of his conversation with Verizon. It is about 27 minutes long and at first is funny, but after listening to it, it's downright pathetic. How he managed to keep his cool with these dimwits is beyond me.

A Question that Atheism Can't Answer -- Answered

Michale Gerson posed a question in the Washington Post that could not be answered by atheism: "How do we choose between good and bad instincts?"

Amazingly enough, this question is answered quite well by Christopher Hitchens. I often wonder how the faithful can remain so when confronted with obvious evidence. I guess the answer to that will point back to my "stupid people" category.